Let a Vedic priest enter your home every month

Let a Vedic Priest Enter Your Home Every Month

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sri Seethrama Gurukulam Veda Patasala

Sri Seethrama Gurukulam Veda Patasala


THE VEDAS – ETERNAL GLORY OF OUR TRADITION Vedas are believed to be the Divine revelations from the Cosmic Space recognized by Ancient Rishis. No authorship has been ascribed to these ancient Scriptures. The Vedic Vibrations are eternally present in the Cosmic Space in a very subtle form. In ancient Yugas, the Vedas as known to humanity were much larger in content than it is known today. The whole Vedas have been classified by Sage Vyasa into four groups known as Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva. These four were further divided by Sage Patanjali, into many branches or Shakhas. Rig Veda had twenty-one, Yajur Veda had one hundred and eight, Sama Veda had one thousand and Atharva Veda had nine shakhas. However , due to passage of time most of these have been lost of the present world. Of the remaining, one is of Rig, Veda, Six are of Yajur Veda, Three are of Sama Veda and Two are of Atharva Veda available now. It is already proven beyond doubt that Veda Mantras confer peace, prosperity and general well being of the whole world. It is our abundant duty to nourish and cherish the Vedas which are the roots of our Culture and Sanatana Dharma for future generations.

Sri Sri Seetharama Gurukulam Veda Patasala is one such Institution founded at the command and Blessings of His Holiness Sri Paramacharyal of Kanchi. With all our Respects & Obeisance's and Pranams to this Great Sage at this juncture we remember his words: - “The Vedas that Constitute the Scripture common to all and which reveal the Godhead that is common to us also teach, us, how to lead, our life, and – this is important – they do us the ultimate good by showing us in the end the way to become that very Godhead ourselves. They are our refuge both here and the hereafter and are the source and root of all our different traditions – all our systems of thought. All sects, all schools of thoughts, our religion, have their origin in Vedas. The Root is one but the branches are many. The Vedas are the source not only for the various divisions of Hinduism, but also for all the religions of the world that may be traced back to them. It is our bounden duty to preserve them for all time to come with their glory undiminished”. The “Sri Seetharama Gurukula”Veda Patasala assures that it will live and serve for the study of Vedas and resultant prayers for the peace and welfare of the entire world keeping the above ideal words of Great Sage of Kanchi & Sringery Aacharyas.


Encouraged to take up their higher studies for which stipend is extended to them. Gurukula type Oral Vedic education is imparted to the vidyarthis. Students in the age group of 8 to 11 are admitted for their respective Vedic course i.e., the Veda of his hereditary. Academic year is from June to May and admission to Vedic course closes by the second week of June. Vedic education is free to students during the entire period of their course. Students are also given free boarding, lodging, clothing, medical care and traveling expenses to their hometown. Expenses are mainly met from the donations received from philanthropists and the interest earned from 'Corpus' fund. Successful vidyarthis after completion of their respective course are given 'Cash Award' along with medals and Merit certificates and they are also encouraged to take up their higher studies for which stipend is extended to them.


"Sri Seetharama Gurukul” Veda Patasala was started in the year 1996, with Blessing by the Grace of His Holiness Sri Paramacharyal of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, with Tow Students under “Veda Vidyalankara” “ Vidya Ratnam “ Sri V.Rajagopala Ghanapatigal who is one of the very few Eminent Vedic Scholars in the Country. This was housed in his residence as traditional Gurukula system. As the Strength of the Patasala has been steadily increasing, The Patasala Run at Veda Bhavan No 488. T T K Road.Alwarpet,Chennai,600018 phone 91 44 24361210


Funds are mobilized from Well-wishers, Philanthropists, and Charitable Institutions to run the Patasala efficiently.



To impart Vedic Sciences & Sastras in the Traditional Gurukulam method and other related subjects in depth, conducting daily classes, holding meetings and publishing Books


To enforce spiritual studies by augmenting Spiritual Training centers for General Public also.


To establish and maintain Libraries for Students


The prescribed Shakhas in Krishna Yajur Veda are being taught at present. Normally it takes about 10 to 12 years of hard work to acquire mastery in one Shakha of the Vedas. Students are screened and Selected at the tender age of 8 to 9 years immediately after Upanayanam and admitted into the Curriculum. All branches of Vedas are being taught only as per the age old Gurukula system of oral chanting, hearing, repeating and committing to memory. The exact intonation and the Swara / Pitch are very important and any deviation will change the meaning of the text. Hence, this mode of learning is possible only where the Teacher & the Taught (Master / Learner) both live under one roof and practice the recitation of Vedas. Apart from the above, training of selected students in application of vedic procedure to various rituals like Upanayanam, Vivaham, Seemantham and other functions are also included in the Curriculum and this is known as Prayoga. The students are given free food, Clothing and Medical facilities to ensure good health, during this entire course of study.


I. Internal examination: Every fortnight the portions which are taught are examined by the respective Adhyapakas. So also for quarterly and Half yearly examinations. Annual examinations are being conducted with the aid pandits of the state.

II. External examination: Each year, apart from Annual examination external examination are also being conducted by Veda Rakshana Nidhi Trust, Chennai affiliated to Kanchi Sri Sankaracharya Swamy Mutt, Kancheepuram. Successful candidates after completion of their respective course will be awarded with certificate to their respective course.


At present a team of learned, experienced and devoted persons under the leadership of the Managing Trustee are imparting Vedic Education in the Patasala There is also a proposal to include Srowtha classes which covers the performing of various rituals / Yagnas for the welfare of the manking and the world. Yagnas are to be performed strictly according to the system mentioned in the Vedas. Knowledge of performing the Yagnas and other rituals can be obtained only after studying the complete course in detail for which it takes a period of years to obtain mastery.


The Daily Academic Schedule / Activities for students are as under:

05.00 To 06.00 A.M. Avarthy

06.00 To 07.00 A.M. Anushtanam / Prayer

07.00 To 08.30 A.M. Brahma Yagyam Morning Classes

08.30 To 09.00 A.M. Breakfast

09.30 To 12.00 A.M. Classes for Students

12.00 To 12.30 NOON Anushtanam ( Madhyahnikam -Brahma Yagyam ) / Prayer

12.30 To 01.30 P.M. LUNCH & REST

01.30 To 04.00 P.M. Classes for Students

04.00 To 04.30 P.M. Tiffin

04.30 To 05.00 P.M. Sanskrit & Language Classes

05.00 To 06.00 P.M. Rest/Recreation

06.00 To 06.30 P.M. Anushtanam / Prayer

06.30 To 07.00 P.M. Vishnu Sahasranamam

07.00 To 08.00 P.M. Repetition of verses of Vedas

08.00 To 08.30 P.M. Dinner


The Donations/Contributions are accepted by Cash/Cheques/Demand drafts drawn in favour of “Sri Seetharama Gurukulam “ The Contributions may kindly be sent to the V.RAJAGOPALA GANAPATIGAL SRI SEETHARAMA GURUKULAM New No 476.(old 181) T T K Road. Alwarpet. Chennai.600018, Tamil Nadu. INDIA. Phone: 044- 24361210 E-mail: ganapatigal@gmail.com
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